Euphoria Feminine Set
Euphoria Feminine Set
Euphoria Feminine Set

Euphoria Feminine Set

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This feminine wash has became one of our our top sellers  - so I decided to formulate a premium bar to pair with it just for YOU !

This set was formulated to not only maintain a healthy pH but to also relax you.  Infused with aphrodisiac essential oils to increase vaginal wetness. Oregano & Ylang Ylang has been known for its antibacterial properties to help fight & prevent vaginal infections.

✨Also Great for postpartum Care ✨ 

💦Increase Libido

💦May increase vaginal wetness

💦Reduce vaginal pain & swelling after sex

💦Balance pH

💦May Combat vaginal odor


8 oz body wash + a premium yoni bar 




Ingredients- Grapeseed Oil, Peppermint,Tea Tree , Oregano , Ylang Ylang ,Goldenseal, Slippery Elm, Jojoba Oil, Mica 

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Too herbal

Tea tree & mint scent over powers all other scents. Smells like medicated shampoo.

Sha sha

This wash is everything I loved the smell and the way it made me feel!! I give it 10stars

Worth It!

All I can say is this is money well spent. She be ready to GOOOO after 3 days of using this and it’s takes me to a whole new level! Not to mention it keeps me fresh all day.

Ashley Sherrod

WET that’s all I can say ! This is a must have! When you use this you will feel like you have a brand new yoni ! This euphoria soap will forever stay stocked in my shower it’s too amazing

I love everything about this combination

Queens first off this the body wash is a must try and the soap you will love an never would want to go back to buying soap from the store ever again.the body wash lather very well and it has a little tingly and cool sensation but the best part about the body wash and the soap is the smell and how clean you will feel once you are done second the body wash and soap does everything it said in the description it does have a queen very wet and tight.Queens you must try paris has done herself with all her. Products

Evelyn Reyna
Omg !

This product is amazing I work in a warehouse so I feel dirty & sweaty but every time I shower & use this it makes me feel so fresh by far the best can’t wait to try more stuff

I will buy again Loved it !

I do lawn kare work so I wanna stay fresh all and work hard this dose get rid of order and my discharge was white and clumpy but now it is back to normal the smell is wonderful and is an amazing product worth the money