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Blueberry Basil
Blueberry Basil

Blueberry Basil

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This bar is definitely one of my MUST HAVES 😍😍not only does it smells like blueberries but it also relax & calm horrible menstrual symptoms.
Geranium has been known to reduce premenstrual symptoms such as bloating , fatigue , breast tenderness , cramps & abdominal pain . Lemon has been known to balance your emotions causing you to be more calming and to help balance your emotions. 

This bar is also known to kill bacteria that creates acne , blemishes, cysts & boils . Full body bar 

The pictures listed are examples of our may designs. They never stay the same colors, shapes, and designs change with every batch. This bar is designed for external use only, and it is not FDA approved yet. We are looking forward to approval in the near future.

Customer Reviews

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Definitely an amazing product!! My sweet spot feels and smells so fresh after every use definitely will be ordering it again. I wish it was a blueberry basil feminine wash

Blueberry Basil

I like this soap, and it does what it says and keeps me feeling clean for a long time. However, I'm not sure if the formula has changed, but I'm a bit disappointed that I'm not getting the scent that others have described as being blueberry muffins or blueberry candy. For me, the basil scent is more overpowering with a hint of sweet blueberry; not a fan of the scent but the soap itself works great.


I got my order in the mail today i rushed to the shower omg i feel so clean and smell so yummy 😋 it smell just like blueberry muffin i wish there was a body wash set 🥰 pairs you have a customer for life 💯

My 1st Try With The Blueberry

Blueberry Basil Is A Pretty Bar & Lathers Up Nicely!


It smells amazing and came packaged well! I’d definitely buy from House of Beauty by Paris J again :)

Smells really good

First time buyer, I purchased this soap with two other different ones. This happened to be the first one I decided to try, I cut it in half so it can last longer. It smells like blueberry muffins/ blueberry gum/candy. The leather on the soap is also great! I look forward to taking a shower and using the soap.

great soap!

Soap smells soo yummy like blueberry muffins lol has a great lather , one of my favs <3