Womb Detox Herbal Tea
Womb Detox Herbal Tea

Womb Detox Herbal Tea

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Cramps can be very debilitating and can force a menstruating woman into bed during the entire duration of her menstrual cycle. Usually us a woman, we take aspirin like medication which doesn’t correct the problem. Herbal therapy is something that has helped many women including myself for years. I call this my “life support” tea because it’s so beneficial to the body and our sacred place. This tea aids in muscle cramps, headaches water retention, achiness, depression and insomnia. 


  • Comfrey: Great source of calcium, Iron & Vitamin A. One of my favorite herbs because its highly prized for its wound healing properties. Also mends broken bones, torn ligaments, injured tissue & stomach ulcers.
  • Echinacea: Supreme herb for strengthening the immune system. Excellent for building resistance to cold, flu and infections. Current research shows that this herb also holds promise as an AIDS treatment
  • Ginger: Used for stomach cramps, colds, poor circulation, nausea, menstrual irregularities & discomfort.
  • Nettle: The mother herb of our womb. Rich in calcium and Vitamin A, this herb strengthens and support the whole body. This herb is also known for aiding with anemia, fatigue, edema, menstrual difficulties, allergies and hay fevers.
  • Cinnamon is warm, nurturing and comforting, and is high in antioxidants & acts as a mild anti-inflammatory. It helps to clear the sinuses and may improve cold symptoms
  • This tea can be used for stress, nervousness, and also to reduce pain.
  • How to use: Boil one tea bag in 1 qt of water. Let tea simmer for 25-30 mins. Drink ¼ cup every 20 mins or until pain cease.
  • The remainder of the tea can be stored in the fridge in a tight seal jar and stored up until 4-5 days.

*All unused herbal teas should be stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight to preserve their nutrients, potency and flavor.



Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Natasha Brownfield

I really love this

Chevelle Maddox
Good tea

I actually like this tea ,I drank a lot of it a few days before my period and during it. I did not need any midol for my migraines, back pain or cramps when I drank the the tea. It even helped me with my knee pain , so recommend it to some folks already. I'm buying some more on my next check !!! ✌️✌️✌️😊🤗❤️

best tea

i drank this tea during my cycle and i didnt even have any cramps this is perfect tea and i wasnt as bloated

Kanesha Carter


No More Pills

This is the only tea I use when I’m cramping and not feeling well. I tried using Aleve on my last cycle and my body was still cramping & knew the difference. I will only be using this tea from here on out. When I tell you this tea is Life 🥰

Womb Detox Herbal tea

😍😍😍so maybe it's the Cinnamon and Ginger in the tea. But yyyyyeeesssss, the tea taste very good. Very calming in a sense. I only mixed it or set it in a 1/2 cup and it still was tasteful. Not a bad taste at all. Im truly just sipping on it, just to sip on it. I Will try somw before my cycle come on and while my cycle is on if anything changes.


It really helped with my anxiety I will be buying more