Infused Lip Oil
Infused Lip Oil
Infused Lip Oil
Infused Lip Oil

Infused Lip Oil

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Our Infused Lip Oils are made of natural ingredients to nourish and moisturize your lips. Infused with coconut to give you a little shine without leaving your lips feeling "sticky" 🤮

Why Should You Use Our Lip Oils?
❣️Great for chronically dry and chapped lips
❣️Keeps lips smooth, hydrated, and moisturized for long
❣️Improves the health and texture of your lips from within.

❣️Great for smokers to replenish your lips, keeping them from tinting 

❣️Fun Fact:

Did you know that adding a lip oil to your routine leaves the lips hydrated, and with less dead cells on the surface of your lips.

Can be used multiple times a day with out leaving the lips sticky.

Also can be used under or over lip gloss to lock in moisture 

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Brittany Hazel

Smooth oil roll on easy smells great has sweet taste not heavy at all


This lip oil is simply amazing and it was just what I was looking for 😊 my lips haven't peeled since I've been using it! 🤗

Hazel Edwards
It's beautiful

It work excellently. it gave my lips the moisture.


This oil ❤️it .

Soft Smooth Lips 💋

I have been suffering from extremely dry lips due to medication and etc. This lip oil has revived my lips. I have tried everything and nothing has suffice. First day using this oil, I felt a difference in my lips. I don't use it with anything else just this oil. This is like day 3 or 4 & my lips are still moisturized. I haven't had to peel no dry skin since using this...yea i know u don't supposed to peel it but they were so dry I couldn't walk around like that. My lips are now kissable and i don't have to worry about being ashamed. Thank you Paris!! Another product and I'm extremely satisfied with it! Idk what to say but baby I'm so glad I came across your shop.....


Yo! This shit work it literally took all the black stuff off my lips and now they are back to it’s natural color. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Smooth & Sexy

I was a bit hesitant at first to order it. But I must say it is definitely worth it. A must have. And the presentation is sexy. Like my lip oil has rose pieces floating in it lol. Coworker: Nita what is that floating? You so boujee. Me: I am. lol