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Sacred Yoni Steam - House Of Beauty by Paris J
Sacred Yoni Steam - House Of Beauty by Paris J
Sacred Yoni Steam - House Of Beauty by Paris J

Sacred Yoni Steam

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A steam detox for your sacred place. There are many benefits of a steam detox...tonifying, cleansing, menstrual cramp relief, and also increasing vaginal wetness. Pair with our juicey juice yoni oil 

More benefits include: helping to prepare the uterus lining for conception, reducing hormonal cramps or PMS cramps, fights viruses, infections, aids in relaxation, fibroids, pcos, endometriosis, helps to improve hemorrhoids, help tone and tighten the vagina, helps maintain a healthy ph, rids Yoni of unhealthy bacteria & yeast, Increases fertility, and regulates cycle.


This special mix contains mugwort, rose buds and petals, calendula, lavender buds.


Directions: If time permits, let mixture sit in 1 quart of water overnight and heat the next day. If you do not have time, bring contents of package to a boil in 1 quart of water. Let cool for approx 5-10 minutes ( be careful not to burn yourself ) Place water and mix in basin or yoni steam seat/stool. 


Wrap your bottom half, so the steam cannot escape and sit directly above the steam for 20 - 30 minutes. 


After steaming, go outside into the sun or wrap up in bed for an additional 20 minutes.


It is best to do a vagina detox before your period or after...not during. Use during pregnancy is NOT recommended. This is natural approach to yoni health. If unsure please consult your physician.


This steam is for approx. 0.56 ounces of herbal mix. 


 You’ll need to detox weekly .

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Sacred Yoni Steam