About The CEO- Paris Johnson

Hey to my Kings & Queens, my name is Paris Johnson, Owner & Founder of "House Of Beauty By Paris J". Like many others, I've always dreamed of owning my own company one day,  but never did I think it would be in skincare.  I initially was in school to become a MD, but my professors would always say “I'm too nice” & that my personality was too goofy. So I eventually switched over to entrepreneurship where I owned a juicing company, helping many men and women around the world lose weight with my juicing recipes! It was a passion of mines. Until April 29, 2019, a stranger from Facebook messaged me on Facebook and said “God wants you to start a skincare company, making soaps”. I was totally lost for words because #1, I didn't have the funds to start another business & 2 , I knew NOTHING about skincare! This stranger from Facebook then cash app me $350, and said “to invest in soaps- NOTHING ELSE”. I then knew she was serious about her message from God. I often tell people that I didn’t find Paris House Of Beauty,  HOB found me. Not once did I ever think my business would be vaginal wellness or that I’d be remotely involve in this industry. Though vaginal wellness was always a passion of mines, because I was always prone to yeast infections & bacterial vaginosis, I NEVER thought that God will bless me with this gift of HEALING OTHERS!


 God has given me the knowledge that I need to succeed in this industry as well as finding holistic ways to combat common vaginal issues.  Every product is made with GOD & LOVE!


I wholeheartedly love what I do and it warms my heart when my beauty babes find relief in my products! Everything is handcrafted and made for women like me, with sensitive Sweet Spots! 

Thank you to everyone who has shown my company love & support in anyway! Thank you to my love who has continuously showed her love & faithfulness not only to me and my brand, but also to my beauties ! And most importantly, God thank YOU! For giving me the vision. For giving me an occupation that I love. Every morning I wake up excited because I know my products are not only healing women all across the world, but also giving women back their confidence! 

Thank you beauties for choosing Paris House Of Beauty for all of your skincare & yoni care needs!