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Sunset Kitty Yoni Set

Sunset Kitty Yoni Set

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Pair These Two together and you will love yourself forever 💕 Sunset Kitty Bar & 8oz Sunset Kitty Body Wash.

Eliminating and Preventing Bacteria, Fights Candida, Reducing Pain and Inflammation, Promote Skin health, Treat BV, Natural Antibiotic, Keeps vagina tight and more. This body wash is great for after sex to prevent bad bacteria or pain. This yoni body wash also helps with detoxifying the womb, regulating  menstrual cycles, decrease menstrual pains and helps with unwanted odors

There’s many uses to this body wash. But these ingredients are crafted and put together just for your Yoni, to make you feel refreshed. Please keep in mind this soap bar can be used as an all over body wash.

Ingredients include Rose oil, Oregano, Tea Tree, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil,Hemp Oil , Fragrance,   and Much More...

Clear & prevent breakouts
Helps with odor
Lightens up bikini area
Balances PH Balance
Aids in fighting bacteria
Removes acne and dark spots

Customer Reviews

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Sunset kitty body wash

Girl when I tell you that body wash smell so damn good you got me as a customer for life Paris keep it the good job Queen.


I’m soooooo in love with this and I feel like it helps with pain after sex


Love the lather and smell makes my skin feel amazing thank you paris she has a 4ever customer in me great customer service


Ok ok lol I really love them both but that body wash enhances the fruity yummy smell i swear I love when I can smell my body wash after showering not many can leave a smell that lingers and makes my husband wanna be all over me more that ever might be his favorite yet but will be trying more 😁😁♥️