Pretty Kitty Strawberry Set - Paris House Of Beauty
Pretty Kitty Strawberry Set - Paris House Of Beauty

Pretty Kitty Strawberry Set

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Strawberries 🍓 madness anyone 🤗

The Pretty Kitty Strawberry 🍓 Scrub” 😍
It smells sooo good , I literally had to grab one for myself 😍I spent a lot of time formulating this recipe , so that it can be perfect for you 💕With much research , tea tree & neem is known to kill bacteria causing your razor bump scarring to fade away . Lemon is also added to help with any bumps present and chamomile to soothe any irritation or bumps💕 To top it off with real strawberries that’s infused in this scrub so you’ll also see the strawberry 🍓 beads inside to exfoliate your vagina , lifting and removing the dead skin to help your kitty glow ✨✨
This scrub is also amazing for after a wax to precent ingrown hairs 

 Our  strawberry soap has also been known to combat yeast infections, body odors, boils , and lighten up dark spots on your vaginal area 

Our Pretty Kitty Strawberry Soap & Scrub can be used from head to toe !



This set comes with a soap and a 4oz scrub that can be used on your entire body !




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Customer Reviews

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Smells amazing

Joanne Chavez

I love how the scrub leaves me smelling like strawberries just wish it was a bigger bottle I loved it 🍓

Cherri Triplett

It smells soo good!! I bought the scrub and the soap together.. I love it!!

Smells Amazing!

I bought the scrub and the soap together and OMG! They both smell so amazing! Strawberry Kitty makes the Yoni feel fresh and clean, and the scrub leaves your skin feeling soft. This is a must buy!

Mercitane Dieudonne
Baby It’s The SET FOR ME

First Off This Stuff Smell Just Like Sweeeeeeet Strawberries. OMG Your Gonna Fall In Love. The Scrub Feels So Good On My Kitty. The Soap Keeps Her Right. My Hubby Loves This Set More Than I Do. Do Yourself A Favor & Grab This Set

Shunae Walker

Pretty Kitty Strawberry Set

Adriana M

I got this scrub right in time for my wax appointment. I have zero ingrown hairs from using this and my skin is sensitive so I usually get them easily. I’m super impressed! It has the perfect amount to exfoliate very gentle on skin. Smells delicious too! Leaves my skin feeling soooo soft I also apply extra virgin coconut oil after. Perfect duo. The kitty bar leaves me sooo refreshed too and smells amazing as well. Perfect to use during cycle, really gets rid of the smell! I’m never changing my hygiene products ever. I was using other organic products but this is the one!! None of the organic products I was using were better than these two! Definitely recommend 🥰 You have a customer for life!!