Euphoria Feminine Set
Euphoria Feminine Set
Euphoria Feminine Set

Euphoria Feminine Set

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This feminine wash has became one of our our top sellers  - so I decided to formulate a premium bar to pair with it just for YOU !

This set was formulated to not only maintain a healthy pH but to also relax you.  Infused with aphrodisiac essential oils to increase vaginal wetness. Oregano & Ylang Ylang has been known for its antibacterial properties to help fight & prevent vaginal infections.

✨Also Great for postpartum Care ✨ 

💦Increase Libido

💦May increase vaginal wetness

💦Reduce vaginal pain & swelling after sex

💦Balance pH

💦May Combat vaginal odor


8 oz body wash + a premium yoni bar 

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Dorothy Blackmon
Tingling feeling

The feeling of the product had my daisies feeling alive with a tingling but soothing feeling that awakes the feminine

Ashley Amaka

I’m so happy you restocked this, I had two small bottles and they lasted me 2 months. I’m in love with your products!! This is my favorite scent from the ones I’ve tried so far

Angelique Smith
Omg I love love the Euphoria body wash and soap

I’m so mad they are sold out please inform me when they will be back

Briana Sharon

I love my set! The feminine wash is my absolute favorite it gives me that fresh clean feeling ☺️ Can’t wait to order more feminine washes and for my next order to be delivered. You have a new permanent customer

Love it

Makes me feel so man face is alllll in it 🙃

It changed my life

Before using this product I was having very BAD yeast infections ! & they would constantly come back. I also have HSV so it made meh have eggy vagina odors 😩.. it was just terrible! since iv’e been using this product iv’e been soooooo comfortable w/ myself & feeling so clean & smelling so good all day everyday ! I shower w/ it day & night. first, i’ll lather the soap & wash my pubic area. secondly, wash my clitoris & inner/ outer libia. then, my back part. I never put it inside though. After using the soap i’d use the body was & do the same process. I have ABSOLUTELY NO GREEN/YELLOW OR CLUMPY DISCHARGE ! w/ out a smell. it also keep you so wet down there ! most definitely recommend.


I love the feminine wash didn’t get to use the bar yet but i know if the wash is good then the soap will be great