Juicey Juice Yoni Oil™️
Juicey Juice Yoni Oil™️
Juicey Juice Yoni Oil™️

Juicey Juice Yoni Oil™️

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Juicey Juice Yoni Oil

Inside this juicey bottle is a mixture of natural oils for your juice box . These oils are known to increase vaginal wetness, freshness, and tightness. Amazing during sex to help set the mood and get her JUICEYYY. Rose quartz is the ultimate stone for love so i added this ingredient as well to enhance compassion , love and to let go of any negative emotions &thoughts .

Juicey Juice is an oil that is used on your vagina but we do not recommend that you add it directly inside. If you have any issues with an imbalanced pH, frequent yeast infections, any itchiness or chafing down there, this is the product for you!

The Benefits of this oil include:

✨Increase Vaginal Wetness.
✨Helps with Natural toning & tightening of the Vagina.
✨Helps with Healing/preventing, yeast/Minor bacterial infections.
✨Lovely natural scent that leaves you feeling fresh & clean all day.
✨Helps to get rid of any bad odors
✨Pleasant refreshing taste
✨This oil is naturally antibacterial/anti-fungal.
✨Relieves discomfort caused by itching..
✨It can be used daily for preventative and maintenance measures.
✨It's also great for breast massage and partnered intimacy.
✨It can make your intimate times more orgasmic as well

Use the Juicey Juice for Self Pleasure Practices, Partnered Intimacy & connecting with your Womb, for sensuality, vitality, love, connection and orgasms


Keep your bottle in a cool dry place.


How to use this :

- After bathing, shake your bottle well before use . Use dropper to squeeze a 3-4 drops of oil on to your finger and apply to vaginal opening, clitoris and inner labias.

I also added Apple Cider Vinegar which is known to tighten vaginal walls and the oil mixture will have that thing juicey& fresh !


* What to expect

Tingling sensation. Increased vaginal wetness. No more bacterial growth. If you experience irritation, please discontinue use.



Aloe, Lavender, Apple Cider Vinegar, Moringa, Rosemary, Oregano Oil, Rose Oil, Tea-tree Oil, Sweet Almond, Coconut Oil

This product is made with sweet almond and coconut oil. Do not use if you have a nut allergy


Do not use with a Condom- Oil will dissolve it 

Wash hands immediately after applying.

Do not allow eye contact. Do not ingest.


2oz bottle

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not meant to diagnose‚ treat or cure any disease or medical condition. Please consult your doctor before starting any exercise or nutritional supplement program or before using these or any product during pregnancy or if you have a serious medical condition

Customer Reviews

Based on 143 reviews

I have tried n owned several different oils from different businesses. Ok… this oil..incredible.. it’s nothing like the rest. It’s seriously so soothing n just so bomb feeling. The tingling sensation feels soooo good. And making love w it is so amazing.

Thaashida Hutton
Oh my holy Yoni!!!!

I have to say, I didn’t want to believe the hype. I have tried EVERYTHING to make sure I’m SUPER fresh down there and this plus the Pretty Pussy Bar is the best thing EVER! I feel fresh….she feel good t/o the day…and don’t even get me started on how much fun I am having intimately. THANK YOU!! Ordering my next bar shortly 🤗🤗

my favorite product

this juicy juice oil is my favorite because it keeps my wet rose wet. moisturized and my rose loves it. i bought two bottles because its that good so i made sure i restocked because its my holy grail

Alexis B

This provides long lasting freshness, relief and a minty fresh smell which I love. This is def apart of everyday day/ night routine and long lasting. Couple drops goes a long way.

10 out of 10

I Highly Recommend and when I mean the yoni oil is everything. The smell is different yes but i love it has like a mint smell if you will, and then some, try it and youll see what i mean😉I'm like addicted, badly addicted!!!

Love love this 💕❤️

I really love how this keeps you fresh all day it do exactly what’s it says it’s has this refreshing feeling down there I would recommend this any day

Wentoria Sanford

If this is not a part of your daily routine after every shower.... Chiiiilllle what is you doing with yourself?!!