Love At First Sight Feminine Wash
Love At First Sight Feminine Wash

Love At First Sight Feminine Wash

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Infused with all natural herbs to balance your pH, fight odor-causing bacteria, and calm discomfort while gently cleansing your sweet spot.

This feminine wash has been said to calm & soothe irritated vaginas & vulvas, while bringing back your confidence


This feminine wash is also formulated for new and expecting mamas.


Pro tip : this wash is also great for colds , a stuffy nose and body aches. This feminine wash is amazing after a long day - help release tension in your bones & muscles 

8 oz 

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Nyah Davis
Love at first wash omg!!!!

This wash right here legit work wonders you can literally feel the rebirth of a new woman when you washing with this wash and you get out feeling as if a load was taken off your shoulders 10/10!!! Def going to buy more again

Tisha Walker
Love at first sight

I absolutely love this feminine wash it has u feeling fresh all day no orders or smell at all I highly recommend

Anastasia L
The sensations😉🥰

I love the tingling feeling and oh how moist it makes me feel! Makes intimacy feel like it’s on a whole nother level

Erica Harris

Love It 😍

Best soap

Ok so I’ve used her products before. This is my first time trying this soap. This is so calming and it smells good. I am impressed with this soap and highly recommend it.

Terrence Jackson
The Best

I never like to use many washes like this But Babyyyyyy this is the best keeps me all fresh and clean!!!!!

Carolyn Brooks

I was very pleased with my order and look forward to ordering again