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Love Spell Magical Bar
Love Spell Magical Bar
Love Spell Magical Bar - House Of Beauty by Paris J
Love Spell Magical Bar - House Of Beauty by Paris J
Love Spell Magical Bar
Love Spell Magical Bar

Love Spell Magical Bar

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If you love the smell of “Love Spell” at Victoria Secret , then you’ll definitely need to grab you a bar 😍I call this the ultimate duo bar because it really is a 2 in one magical bar. This bar was designed to bring love & compassion to you and your partner. Rose Quartz has been known to remove negative emotions, energy and add vulnerability back into your relationship .

This magical bar has also been known to ease pain with Hsv1, Hsv2, Boils, Cysts, Yeast Infections , Candida, Bacteria Vaginosis and Cystic Acne ! We know how painful these symptoms can be! I am NOT A DOCTOR, nor do I claim to be , but with much research and my clinical background as a RN- my formula is an all natural recipe that will help alleviate pain in many areas. Tea tree , oregano & Moringa has been known to help your healing process , the all natural way , meaning no medication that causes side effects & chemicals. I also used aloe vera because according to my research , this plant has wound-accelerating properties. According to research & feedback, tea tree oil is a potent antiviral ingredient that's been shown to help with the symptoms that you may experience .

Either way it goes , this is a bar you want to make sure you grab 🥰


The pictures listed are examples of our may designs. They never stay the same colors, shapes, and designs change with every batch. This bar is designed for external use only, and it is not FDA approved yet. We are looking forward to approval in the near future.

Customer Reviews

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Love it! Will be ordering more

Love spell magical bar

I really like this soap it has a nice lather and I love the scent of it, smells very refreshing!

Rosheta Mccray

I definitely recommend it!!!!! Leaves the bathroom smelling so gooooood ALLLL DAY

Whitney Gonzales

I love all of your products just amazing

Dionne Troche

I love it! Is magical it’s does the job I feel great after using the soap. I love the smell and the way it makes me feel “extra clean down there “.

Lesheka Harrington

Really enjoying the bar, need to reorder

Taji brown
Love spell

I love the way it smells that i save some of the soap it had me feelin real clean down below and it brought back the love for my bf i love it my favorite one im lookin forward to getting a extra large one im gonna use it tonite for my bf nd see what he think