Immunity Booster Bar - Paris House Of Beauty
Immunity Booster Bar - Paris House Of Beauty
Immunity Booster Bar - Paris House Of Beauty

Immunity Booster Bar

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This bar will knock any cold or flu you have right out of you! This bar is known to boost your immune system , knocking down any sluggish feelings . Made with Eucalyptus, Spearmint, Sage & Rosemary to help with congestion, stuffy nose and even coughs .

Recent research has shown Rosemary to have numerous health benefits including improving digestion, enhancing memory and concentration, preventing brain aging and providing protection from free radicals. This is a MUST have in any home.

There are many benefits of bathing with this all natural soap .

-combat stress and calm the nervous system
-Energizes the body and mind
-Improves circulation
-Eases muscle stiffness and relaxes sore muscles
-Eliminates toxins from the body

Please keep in mind that this is a body bar - do not use on your face or intimate area .



The pictures listed are examples of our may designs. They never stay the same colors, shapes, and designs change with every batch. This bar is designed for external use only, and it is not FDA approved yet. We are looking forward to approval in the near future.

Customer Reviews

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Smells good


Love it

Nicole Jackson

I used this bar for the first time, and it does everything Paris describes. During my showers, there was a cooling sensation. It calmed my body down after a long work day sitting in front of the computer. I will be ordering more.

Evelyn Solomon
Immune Booster

Live the soap smells amazing to have my skin soft and feeling clean does exactly what it's supposed to do you feel the single sensation give you that boost.


Bar worked lovely reminded me of Vicks vapor rub in. Bar knocked my cold out in a few days…. My hubby loves it too

Angie Russell
Tingly Awesome!

This is one of my favs from Paris! The bar has an amazing scent of mint. While bathing, you can feel the coolness from the bar and your skin will be so fresh and clean afterwards! It really does wake you up in the morning😍

I’m in love

I just used this soap for the first time today and I’m currently battling Covid. Baby the soap lathered well and opened up my pours. I have been able to breathe and get more of this infection out of my body. I am definitely going to restock when this soap comes available again.