Strawberry Kitty Feminine Wash - Paris House Of Beauty
Strawberry Kitty Feminine Wash - Paris House Of Beauty
Strawberry Kitty Feminine Wash - Paris House Of Beauty

Strawberry Kitty Feminine Wash

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This body wash literally  smells sooo good , I literally had to grab two for myself ! If your someone who loves fruity smells like strawberries , then you’ll absolutely love this soap 🍓


Infused with real strawberry & yogurt this body wash has been known to remove vagina odors , keeping your ph balance leveled . It has also been known that when using yogurt on your vaginal area , it kills bacteria , yeast infections and Candida. With lemon and chamomile infused to help lighten dark areas and soothe irritated skin - this soap has become one of my favorites !

Benefits- Fights acne, vaginal yeast infections, oily skin, blemishes, dark spots, skin boils, blackheads, & body odor.


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Customer Reviews

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Watered down

I’ve been a customer for a year now and I noticed this wash and the Love Spell, Pretty Pussy, Love at first site are not the same. There’s really no color to them and scents are weaker. Were there any changes made?

Strawberry Kitty

I Like it a lot got me smell great

Smells sooooo good!

I love strawberry kitty, it smells so good. I buy a couple at a time so I never run out

Shawna Deras
Fresh Moistirized Strawberry Kitty!

I love this wash! Smells great. Keeps me Ph balanced! This is my go to!

Christal Davis
I love ❤️ this 🧴

I am a big fan of the Strawberry 🍓 Kitty Feminine Book Wash! It smells good and sweet and I always feel so clean 🧼 after I use this body wash 🧴 this is one my favorite 😍 body wash

Gaynella Lemons
Best purchase ever

It lathers up good and it smells really good

Letitia Stoker
Kitty Special

The best of the best