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Strawberry Kitty Feminine Wash
Strawberry Kitty Feminine Wash

Strawberry Kitty Feminine Wash

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This body wash literally  smells sooo good , I literally had to grab two for myself ! If your someone who loves fruity smells like strawberries , then you’ll absolutely love this soap 🍓


Infused with real strawberry & yogurt this body wash has been known to remove vagina odors , keeping your ph balance leveled . It has also been known that when using yogurt on your vaginal area , it kills bacteria , yeast infections and Candida. With lemon and chamomile infused to help lighten dark areas and soothe irritated skin - this soap has become one of my favorites !

Benefits- Fights acne, vaginal yeast infections, oily skin, blemishes, dark spots, skin boils, blackheads, & body odor.


Customer Reviews

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I love the Strawberry Kitty Wash

This Strawberry Kitty wash is so good!! It smell amazing it had my whole body smelling delicious and yummy I love it 😻!!!

Good wash

Oh my God I used your finger wash strawberry Kitty when I washed up oh my God I was wet oh my God yes yes I love it I love it I love it I love it 😋😋😋😋💦💦💦💦

Lemme tell ya

It smells so good, and the way it lathers up. I do wish it was thicker, but girl I need to buy this in bulk.


This wash is SO amazing!!! Smells so delicious!!!

I love the packaging

It smells so good. I love strawberry scents.

I love it

I can't wait to order more

Forever Customer

I normally do not write reviews (good or bad), but I have to for Paris. Every since I had my 3rd child, my PH has been completely thrown off. Now, here I am trying to juggle a fast pace career and being a mom to three toddlers, I tend to stress out and my hormones are all over the place. I started using these products about 5 months ago and let’s just say, once I ran out of my products, I noticed a difference. I have not had a yeast infection or unwanted discharge since I started using these products. I was a little skeptical at first because I did not notice immediate results when I tried the first product, but within a few weeks things changed 100%. I have to make sure that I keep my body wash/soap and rephresh spray on hand at all times. I love feeling fresh. Oh and the strawberry kitty scent is beyond anything I’ve ever smelled for a feminine product. It is my favorite... so far 😀. Thank you for making these effective products. I am forever grateful.