Rephresh Kitty Mist
Rephresh Kitty Mist
Rephresh Kitty Mist

Rephresh Kitty Mist

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Do you suffer from razor bumps or ingrown hairs ?

Or are you someone who’s always on the GO & need a quick freshening up & don't have the time of a hot shower?

If your someone who goes to the gym or been at work all day and you need to freshen up the Juice box area or under your breasts? This is a perfect solution.

This all natural and 100% organic spray-mist is a MUST HAVE, and it will allow you to you establish a proper pH and odor free sweet spot!

It works quickly by removing body odors and freshening you up! You can spray this on your body, the vaginal area, & even under your arm pits.

Use a small soft cloth to apply or to wipe off the excess.

I use it before the gym if I’m sweaty and I don't have an ODOR smell hours later!

I also use it after each bathroom use , just so I can stay nice and fresh during my long work day !

It’s AMAZING to use POST PARTUM on your very sensitive Perineal

Naturally antiseptic, anti fungal, antibacterial formula that smells gently like chamomile and rose.


Lavender, Rose, Aloe, Vitamin E 


Customer Reviews

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Must get this!

Yesss!!! This is a must. Spray this before working out or whatever and guaranteed freshness. Get it!


Best mist around. Definitely kept me fresh

Charlotte Warren
Kitty mist

I absolutely love this spray!

I’d put myself on a plate and eat 🤤

Okay so first of all my cycle just started and my cramps were out of this world but as soon as I got my order I jumped in the shower and I used that warm apple pie whipped soap it lathers so well and the smell is great then once I dried off I use the rephreshed kitty spray and cramps gone!!!! (a couple sprays on my pad as well) topped it off with the warm apple pie oil spray and I’m feel so relaxed and hungry 🤤😂 I love it!


The formula changed a lot not like it used to be. It’s okay. I liked the other one better :(

Stephanie Bardney

Rephresh Kitty Mist

Miyako Hennigan

I absolutely love this spray! Keeps me fresh fresh!