Rephresh Kitty Mist - Paris House Of Beauty
Rephresh Kitty Mist - Paris House Of Beauty
Rephresh Kitty Mist - Paris House Of Beauty

Rephresh Kitty Mist

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Do you suffer from razor bumps or ingrown hairs ?

Or are you someone who’s always on the GO & need a quick freshening up & don't have the time of a hot shower?

If your someone who goes to the gym or been at work all day and you need to freshen up the Juice box area or under your breasts? This is a perfect solution.

This all natural and 100% organic spray-mist is a MUST HAVE, and it will allow you to you establish a proper pH and odor free sweet spot!

It works quickly by removing body odors and freshening you up! You can spray this on your body, the vaginal area, & even under your arm pits.

Use a small soft cloth to apply or to wipe off the excess.

I use it before the gym if I’m sweaty and I don't have an ODOR smell hours later!

I also use it after each bathroom use , just so I can stay nice and fresh during my long work day !

It’s AMAZING to use POST PARTUM on your very sensitive Perineal

Naturally antiseptic, anti fungal, antibacterial formula that smells gently like chamomile and rose.


Lavender, Rose, Aloe, Vitamin E 


Customer Reviews

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Fresh and relax feeling

I love the fact after a shower I spray it down there. Giving a bit of a light cooling feeling. Smells good especially when you use it after a shower on ur period.


I Love this most it does what it’s supposed to do.


Postal delivery will say delivered but wait 24 HRS after. The product is really amazing. Really does keep you fresh all day! No sweat odors at all!


One of my favorite products keeps my feeling so fresh and so clean and smelling so so good! 👍🏽

Jamineze Smith
So far so good

I’m a heavy sweater so I use it when I’m going to work and it’s been ok for me!


I keep her with me at all times.... keeps me fresh throughout the day.

Donna Bell
The Fabulous Product That Rocks!!!

Dear Paris, I am Totally Pleased with the Delicious Results that I experience when I use this Product, which is as my GO TO TONER!!! Ladies, Just Look at the ingredients that Paris has assembled for this: Lavender, Rose, Vitamin E and Aloe!!! ALL of these ingredients are Especially Designed to Soothe, Calm, Nurture and Moisturize Tender Skin EVERYWHERE!!! It feels Fabulous on my face and Ladies, trying putting it in the fridge!! Truly, ALL of Paris' suggested uses ARE Perfect, I am just adding another one, MY FAVORITE ONE, FOR MY FACE!! Dear Paris, I am Completely Thrilled with the Feeling, Aroma and Results of your Spectacular and Refreshing Spray...THANK YOU FOR IT, Yahhhhhhh!!!