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Soap Samples - House Of Beauty by Paris J
Soap Samples - House Of Beauty by Paris J

Soap Samples

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Are you skeptical about purchasing our all natural soaps? Well, we do allow you to try our soaps first by allowing you to purchase samples. 




If you order more then 5 samples , your order will NOT BE PROCESSED!

Samples are intended to last for 2-3 USES. They are only to test if your skin to see if you are irritated or allergic to any ingredients that I add in my product. You may not see a difference in your skin with the sample soaps since it’s a small sample size , however you will be able to see if you are allergic to this soap before purchasing our full bar!

Customer Reviews

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First time buyer

So far I have used love spell magical pretty pussy bars both were samples.. they are actually a good size bar for sample. right now I still have samples bars left about 50 percent has been used. I use both together.. they honestly don’t smell like anything.. they do have a good lather and I feel fresh after using .. as far as helping prevent yeast or BV infection I am not sure. I’ve only been using ruffly about 2 weeks …. Would recommend giving 5 starts .. I will buy again

Haley Dancer
Soap Sample

It smells good and nice to try. I will buy the actual soap bar next time and it allowed me to see what I might like or not. So far I like the bar sample I chose.

Johnswa Whitley

Love the soap! Smells so good I will be purchasing more soon. They are everything

Hazel Edwards
It's nice

I like the samples. It help me to figure out which ones to use on myself, before buying the bar and it wasn't what I needed.

Misty Greene
Absolutely amazing!!!

Can I just say OMFG!!! Absolutely love the smells and let’s just say I can’t keep my husband off of me! Will definitely be ordering again!!! Thank you so much Paris!!!

Let's Just Say You'll Be Asking Yourself Why Didn't I Just Purchase The Regular Size Soap Instead

Ok so my yoni is very sensitive to literally everything so I wanted to test out the soaps before actually buying & when I say I should've just bought the soap I should have just got the regular size soap. These samples give the same exact benefits as the regular size bars. I had no irritation and I could feel the benefits of the soap working as I washed myself. They smell sooo good. It had my bathroom smelling just like it. The samples are great to start with but I guarantee you'll be back to this site to purchase the full size soap bars. I tried the pretty pussy & Love Spell....All I Can Say Is OMG.....She is the truth when it comes to feminine care.


Love it so much I ordered the regular sized bar definitely worth it Paris did her thing on this one