Strawberry Yoni Oil - Paris House Of Beauty
Strawberry Yoni Oil - Paris House Of Beauty

Strawberry Yoni Oil

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Indulge in a decadent sensation - a strawberry slice of cake for dessert - only this time, it's a delightful surprise between your thighs! Our Strawberry-Infused Yoni Oil offers a luxurious solution to address vaginal dryness, odor and discomfort. Savor the sweet, creamy aroma as it wafts up, and delight in the warm sensation it brings to your senses. Strawberry helps to balance your pH, fight bacteria and keep you fresh all day - the ultimate in feminine care!



  • Freshness at it’s best – Keeping your yoni smelling pleasant and moisturized with our blend of strawberry oil, mugwort leaf oil, magnolia oil, clove oil, sweet almond oil, saffron oil and other natural oils and extracts. It supports your body’s defenses while leaving a fruit and floral scent.

  • Ultimate Comfort and Relief - Our non-GMO and gluten-free yoni oil for women addresses feminine needs naturally. Our vegan-friendly formula helps reduce unusual discharge, aid cycle flow, provide period relief, and rejuvenate skin tissues.

    How to use this :

  • - After bathing, shake your bottle well before use . Use dropper to squeeze a 3-4 drops of oil on to your finger and apply to vaginal opening, clitoris and inner labias.

    I also added Apple Cider Vinegar which is known to tighten vaginal walls and the oil mixture will have that thing juicey& fresh !


    * What to expect

    Tingling sensation. Increased vaginal wetness. No more bacterial growth. If you experience irritation, please discontinue use.


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Paris always hits it o the nail. I usually get juicy juice tried this one and love it


Smells really really good ladies this one you wish love


I love this product love the smell I will be ordering again

Cece Warren

It’s the smell for me I love it!


Doesn’t smell anything like strawberries which is disappointing

Smells So YummY!!

I just received mine today. Took a shower, and tried it. And....I already love it. It smells soooo good, like strawberries and cream. Also has a cooling sensation when you apply it as well, which I also love! All in all, I love it!! 🙌


This is my first time using the oil and I decided to try the strawberry one first and let me tell you does what it says it does. I always get a little sore down there after sexy time and this literally made me feel brand new within about an hour. I feel like this does wonders for yeast infection too like any type of discomfort is gone within hours or less. The scent smells like peppermint with a light scent of strawberries but when you put it on it has a cooling sensation for a few min but it goes away after. And when I tell you this oil gets my water falls going it gets her going. 🙌🏾 A forever customer