Vanilla Sugar Feminine Wash
Vanilla Sugar Feminine Wash

Vanilla Sugar Feminine Wash

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A relaxing, warm, sweet blend of sweet Vanilla cream. Perfect for any time of year. Vanilla is great for promoting moisture in your skin and body. Vanilla is soothing, relaxing and nourishing , leaving you with healthy- well balanced skin.

This feminine wash is known to balance ph , relieve acne, blemishes, shrink large pores, and has anti fungal & anti bacterial properties .

This can be used all over the entire body.

Customer Reviews

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This right here, this is my wash and I'm gon stick by it. I'm a dancer and I love this I love it I adore it there is nothing else like it. The smell is amazing I'm telling you before I put it away I literally smell it one last time lol I'm obsessed. It leaves you squeaky clean and the color, the size, the texture are just awesome. If there were a body oil with this shimmer, color, and scent I would buy it out especially if it's kitty cat safe.

Monisha Parker

It’s smelling so great I just showered with it omg yes😋😋😋😋 smells like ice cream

Michelle Sanders

Soothing smell!!! Calming smell.. Love this!!!!

Thank you

I love the smell keep me feeling fresh and soft skin

Merci D

This Vanilla Sugar Baby!!!!!! I Can’t Keep Him
Off Me. Paris Girl I See What You Did With This Thang Hunny!!!! WE LOVE IT. Forever Customer ❤️❤️❤️

Jasman Ross
Thank you!

Okay so i waited a month to give this product a review! Honey i just suffered a miscarriage in October and i HAD to change as i found out i had a tumor in my uterus as well. I just felt yucky! I finally ordered because first i wanted to use natural products and I prayed on it. I ordered honey I’m ALWAYS nice soft, and FRESH! I paired this with a vsteam now I’m ovulating and etc. Paris i don’t know you but i love you! I’ve never been “Clean” with any other soaps May God continue to bless you boo. 💜💜💜

Tinisha Warren
Feminine Wash

This is my second time buying the femime wash it makes me feel so fresh in that area. Its a sensitive area for me and im prone to yeast infections so i only use this wash as it has no harsh chemicals in it keeps my ph in balance