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Wet On Demand Yoni Bar
Wet On Demand Yoni Bar

Wet On Demand Yoni Bar

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Besties , you have to try this limited edition yoni bar💕 Infused with all natural ingredients like Chamomile , Ginger-Root, Lavender, Slippery Elm & even Boric Acid which has been known to maintain a healthy PH, support the natural acidity and aid in preventing bacteria build up or yeast infections.

This bar is super gentle especially for those who has sensitive sweet spot💕

This yoni bar has been known to

✨ Reduce ingrown hairs

✨ Increase sex drive

✨ Balance pH

✨Helps with vagina dryness

✨Can aid in menopause

✨Calm irritation of boils & cysts







The pictures listed are examples of our may designs. They never stay the same colors, shapes, and designs change with every batch. This bar is designed for external use only, and it is not FDA approved yet. We are looking forward to approval in the near future.


Legal Disclaimer :

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Staci shanice
Sweet Sweet

It's a nice sweet smell. Like strawberries maybe or a Juicy sweet smell. You feel good after using this bar. It allows your body 2 have a more natural moisture without having to use lube during sexy time. So I think this product is dope

Tabatha Fuller

I love this soap. I always purchase my soaps from this company.


Ok. So I think I might as well order a few more of these since it's a limited time item because IT WORKS.! It definitely does the job. I also need to get a different kind that doesn't have me juicy on demand 😂 you know one for my chill days & my wet wet bar for my fun nights. 😜 The smell is also to die for. Please consider keeping this on the list because I never want to stop using this one.

Love 🥰

All of these soaps are amazing but this one get you 💦💦💦💦 so good. Like you will be a waterfall trust me..you will not be disappointed and it keeps your phone balanced at the same time. No abnormal smell or nothing. You have a forever customer😩


I LOVEEE THIS SOAP JUST LIKE THE OTHERS!!! I love how it lathers, the smell, the moisturization it gives, the fresh feel it leave my 😻 and the way it makes me 💧😻 and all soft and smooth! I KNOW THIS IS A LIMITED EDITION BAR BUT PLEASE ADD THIS TO THE LIST OF EVERYDAY USE!! ALL OF YOUR SOAPS ARE AMAZINGGGGGGGG💯‼️‼️🧡🧡❤❤

What a AWESOME product

This soap is for REAL!!! My man and I love this. He kept saying YOU have to WRITE a review. You will be drench and also the sex odor will be nonexistent no matter how long you and your man go at it all night. This makes sex even more enjoyable, just have towels it will pour. I just love this company. Especially after my doctor recommended I ONLY use natural products for my yoni and was introduce to this web by my twin sister. I will be ordering another bar ASAP.

Lauren Schrecongost
Omg I’m so hooked!!!

OMG! This Wet on Demand Yoni Bar is for real! I have been using this bar for 3-4 days now and “wet” is an understatement!!! Drenched is more like it! My husband was like “dang girl, I guess I’m doing something extra right today” LOL So this will bar will be a permanent fixture in my shower for life… Awesome work ,as always, Paris… Please Please never discontinue it!!!